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Cross Marketing USA           

Turnkey customer acquisition, retention and income generating programs customized to the clients' culture, customer base and target markets.  Your customers expect you to be a notch above your competitors. They expect you to know and serve their needs. That’s why we work closely to customize our products and services to your exact target market and trends in the marketplace.  Every day new avenues of revenue become available. Whether it is a program that adds value to help justify new charges or to simply create a new revenue source - Cross Marketing USA will help you find profitable solutions.

Home Warrantees

Planning for inevitable breakdowns is almost impossible, preparing for them is pretty easy with a home warranty and maintenance plan. Cross Marketing USA is a leading provider of warranties for homeowners and renters. The economic climate has left many customers in need of a service the covers the repair or replacement of many of the most common system and appliance breakdowns. The result of exhaustive research of the home warranty market, Cross Marketing USA’s Household Service Plans offer the broadest, most inclusive coverage and the widest selection of home warranty plans available today. Embedded limited benefits available for pennies a day.

  Direct offering to both homeowners and renters.

  Marketed as an enhancement to members and individuals, or by an insurance agency that sells homeowners and tenants insurance 

Private Label Online Insurance Agency and Non-Insurance Internet Advantages

Turnkey Private-Labeled Internet Insurance Agency and Employee Benefit Programs offer a complete buffet of voluntary-portable life, health and P&C insurance plans and discounts. A simple solution for banks, associations, unions, and company benefit directors. Administration, sales, service and processing by a nationwide call center. A no cost multi-product / multi-company voluntary insurance quoting engine branded to the sponsor. Customers, employees and members. THE EASY WAY TO BUY AND SELL INSURANCE ONLINE: https://www.myquotesinsurance.com/crossmarketingusa/Index.aspx 

Let us increase your business without increasing your workload. Through MyQuotes, our online insurance quoting platform, you can generate business any time, day or night, from customers across America. We offer a combination of outstanding plans from high-quality carriers, tools to build your business, and unmatched sales support and service including licensed insurance agents in our call center can process your business.

Advantages include:

  • Online quoting engine supports business 24/7
  • Multi-product, including: health, life, cancer, disability, discounts and more 
  • Quality carriers, including: Prudential, Assurant, Old Mutual and more
  • Customized website for your agency, group or association
  • High commission payouts


SafelyFiled https://www.safelyfiled.com/home/care-for-parents-grandparents-inlaw 

Record management for Seniors, Small Businesses, Professionals, and their Clients and Families.  

  • Taking care of elderly parents requires emergency access to medical information.  
  • Over $50 billion in unclaimed assets in the United States and the problem will get worse as we lose track of our digital records. 
  • Professionals need to organize clients and encourage independence 


Deductible Reimbursement Program

Your member will be reimbursed for the deductible portion of their automobile, home and health claims. The average household makes an auto insurance claim once every two years.  Auto Deductible Reimbursement: In the event that the Member experiences an automobile accident that results in their insurer paying the claims, and the Member being responsible for their collision deductible, the Automobile Deductible Reimbursement benefit will reimburse the Member for the amount of their collision deductible, up to the program’s limit of liability ($500 or $1,000). Coverage applies to any vehicle covered by a recognized automobile insurance policy on which the Member is the Named Insured.  Home Deductible ReimbursementIt’s important to have homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, but all policies come with a deductible that must be paid in the event of a claim.  In the event that the Member experiences a homeowner’s or renter’s loss that results in their insurer paying the claim, and the Member being responsible for their homeowner’s or renter’s insurance deductible, the Home Deductible Reimbursement benefit will reimburse the Member for the amount of their homeowner’s or renter’s insurance deductible up to the program’s limit of liability ($500 or $1,000).  Coverage applies to both the Member’s residence and personal effects that are covered by a homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy on with the Member is the Named Insured.  Additional benefits that may be included, for an additional cost, with the Home Deductible Reimbursement: Emergency Lodging Reimbursement – Reimburses the Member up to the limit of liability ($500 or $1,000) in the event that their residence becomes uninhabitable as a result of break-in, theft, tornado, hurricane, earthquake, fire, flood, landslide, and mandatory evacuation. Emergency Cash – Pays the Member cash, up to the limit of liability ($500 or $1,000) in the event that their residence becomes uninhabitable as a result of break-in, theft, tornado, hurricane, earthquake, fire, flood, landslide, and mandatory evacuation.  Health Deductible Reimbursement will be available in March, 2015

NOTE: The Emergency Lodging and Emergency Cash limits of liability are separate for each benefit and also not a part of the Home Deductible Reimbursement limit of liability. 



Senior groups are looking for benefits which can add real value to their loyalty programs and improve member acquisition and retention.  Legal services are a great asset as a member benefit. The vast majority of US households experience legal issues on a regular basis, yet consumers waste time dealing with problems themselves due to the cost of lawyers. Cross Marketing in association with its partner Epoq can provide senior groups with a fully branded legal website allowing members to create a range of legal documents to resolve their estate planning issues. Epoq’s groundbreaking technology simply captures the customer’s information and prepares a fully customized legal document using pre-programmed intelligence. Documents can also be reviewed by our team for spelling and consistency using a secure workflow.


  •        7 in10 American households face one new or ongoing legal issue each year
  •        60% of Americans believe all adults should have estate plans
  •        56% of Americans have not yet made one

Source:  American Bar Association ’Public Perceptions of Lawyers Consumer Research Findings’ Source:  American Bar Association ’Public Perceptions of Lawyers Consumer Research Findings’ 55% of households deal with legal problems on their own - mainly because lawyers are too expensive 


Personal Identity Management Programs

This contemporary personal identity management program includes 10 high-touch services that comprehensively address far more than identity fraud for all immediate family members:

       Resolves existing crimes and suspicions

  Fraud resolution services

  Dignity and beneficiary services

  Social media service

Concierge assistance with personal issues

  Document replacement

  Travel identity assist

  Transitions & address change

Proactive protection against future fraud

   Decedent & Burglary Protection

   Marriage & divorce

   Protecting military families

   Protection for minors



Branded “safety & security” enhancement program designed for . . .

•  Cardholders (debit, credit, prepaid, payroll cards)
•  Remittance programs

•  Mobile Wallet programs

Deployment of the CashGuardPlus powered by ATMSafe program generates income, customer loyalty and increases card and mobile wallet activities. The program was introduced to provide owners of any mobile device, using any technology, payment application, or service, the safety and security of an enhancement program that replaces cash stolen from a mobile-smart phone, debit or credit card, prepaid card, or during an ATM robbery across various financial platforms: mobile cash transactions, ATMs, remittance cards and payroll cards. Includes global, multiple language, 24/7 customer assistance Provides an important enhancement to your programs and peace of mind for your members. 

Covers cash losses associated with various financial transactions:

•  ATM withdrawals
•  Cash back from retail transactions
•  Receipt of wire/money transfers
•  Fraudulent withdrawal of cash loaded onto smart phones

•  Includes mechanical tampering of an ATM 


Mobile Marketing

Give your Mobile Marketing a boast, let Cross Marketing put the power of 285,000 top brands to work for you

With more in-store merchant locations than any other organization, our vendor offers your members and customers unparalleled value at places they shop every day. Thanks to a host of delivery options and marketing support services, members find merchant coupon content easy to access and enhance their savings:

  Private-label websites customized to your brand

  America’s largest Mobile “Show your phone” coupon application with GPS   function instantly finds deals nearby

  Custom membership cards Promotes brand awareness

  Loyalty emails build engagement and drive repeat usage.

•  Marketing support materials


Fraud Protection

Data Breach Security Program for Associations, Banks and Merchants 

In 2012, at least 44 million personal records were compromised by data breach—and that number is expected to grow in the future. What’s more, more than 30 percent of those breaches targeted businesses in retail, hospitality, and other customer-driven industries, which means your association, bank, members and your merchants are at significant risk. The fines, assessments, and expenses merchants are obligated to pay even if a breach of credit card data is only suspected could cost them thousands—even tens of thousands—of dollars. And if your merchants can’t pay, you have to! 

What is covered:

  • The mandatory forensic audit required by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) when a data breach is suspected (this audit confirms whether an actual breach has occurred and pinpoints where systems are most vulnerable) 
  • Credit card replacement costs and related expenses 
  • Assessments and fines levied by card sponsors for data breaches 
  • Data breaches caused by employee dishonesty and/or the physical theft of data, as well as computer hacking  


Electronic Funds Transfer Protection

EFT Guard is a unique protection program for businesses conducting online banking. Under Regulation E these businesses are not provided reimbursement for stolen funds transferred if the theft occurred outside of the care custody and control of the financial institution. Imagine if your business or association had their funds stolen without recourse.  Businesses who bank online are not protected by Regulation E.

Regulation E obligates financial institutions to reimburse Retail Banking Customers for online losses from electronic funds transfers but not Business Banking Customers – check your Online Business Bank Agreement. If a business uses online wires, ACH or bill pay, and loses thousands in cash to online hackers, the Business, not the financial institution is usually liable for the losses. This type of fraud is known as Corporate Account Takeover.

Business Banking is covered under Uniform Commercial Code, Section 4a. UCC 4a stipulates that if a Bank provides “reasonable security,” then the Business Customer is liable for online fraud losses. 85% of businesses are doing at least some banking online according to the 2012 Business Banking Trust Study by the Ponemon Institute

Your Legacy, Your Life

Helps people preserve their legacy through storytelling. The program guides participants, no matter what their writing ability, to share and/or record life stories or vignettes that will help their posterity better know and understand them and their values, the challenges they overcame and the successes enjoyed. Studies show that Seniors who take the time to write their personal life stories are rewarded in the following ways:

•  Easier transition into old age and increased acceptance and satisfaction with one’s life.

•  Improves self-esteem and often alleviates  or lowers level of depression.

•  Provides opportunity to review accomplishments and remember life’s joys.

•  Creates a permanent historical record of their lives and provides a way for them to pass their wisdom and values to future generations.  

More than half of seniors (53% nationally) say that being close to friends and family is important. LEGACY WRITING helps seniors connect to friends and family on a more personal basis! Eighty-four percent of seniors cite technology as important to their ability to connect with the world around them. Seniors will enjoy using their personal WRITER’S PLATFORM to write and share stories with others. The United States of Aging Survey, 2013 

Private Label Mall with Cash Back Plus Discounts

Members realize considerable savings on their normal purchases (up to 60%) and comparative shopping is easy to do. Very Important Relationships, Inc. is an online marketing solutions company and one of the nation’s premier developers of virtual “Reward” shopping malls. Each VIR Mega Mall contains over 2,000 of the nation’s top merchants, all offering CashBack dollars on purchases made, plus huge daily discounts and Promo Codes on selected products and services. A proven way to have customers visit your website regularly generating savings for them and recurrent profits for you. VIR’s Reward Malls are completely turnkey and require no IT or other resources to operate. VIR turnkey platforms serve:

    Human Resources (as an employee benefit),

    Nonprofit Organizations (as a Fundraising tool),

    Customer Relationships (as a Customer Loyalty program), and

    Associations (as a membership benefit) 


Provides merchants, associations and financial institutions a free, value-added service for commercial customers that recovers NSF fees and losses significantly increases recurring fee income.

Paintless Dent Repair 

Associations add loyalty along with revenue. Lenders add income to auto loans and protect their collateral with an innovative process that removes small dents and dings from painted sheet metal surfaces without harming the vehicles factory finish. Nationwide network of certified technicians.


A free prescription discount program for pets that covers 100% of their needs including expensive compounded drugs, brands and generic prescriptions. Many States require veterinarians to provide customers with a written prescription so they can start saving at their local community pharmacy or order from our easy-to-use-no-delivery charge website.   

Health and Lifestyle Services           

Healthcare Discount Services that enable millions of our patients to buy at rates previously only enjoyed by insurance companies. Turnkey DMPO provided solutions across a broad array of Lifestyle programs that achieve longer and more profitable customer relationships.  Membership is free and includes discounts on prescriptions, dental, vision, and imaging services.

Private Label Motor Clubs                 

Custom embedded or individual subscriber configurations. 24 hour dispatch emergency roadside assistance, towing, emergency delivery of supplies service Collision or mechanical emergency trip expenses. Licensed and bonded in all 50 states, Canada and Mexico.

ServiceLiveTM               http://cross.servicelive.com/  

An entirely new way of getting things done.   More than just a process, it's a place.  In fact the only place that gets your customer the best price by giving a choice of bids from multiple service pros. Each on-site pro in the ServiceLive marketplace has passed a background check to ensure customers are conducting business with the right kind of people and is insured.  It is a place that provides one of the most extensive offerings of home service projects anywhere on the web.  Service of licensed, insured and background checked service pros is provided at the lowest price and customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Cell Phone Payment, Damage and Mechanical Failure Protection
If the insured person becomes involuntarily unemployed within the coverage period and continues to be unemployed for a waiting period of at least [thirty] [(30)] days during the coverage period, we will pay the primary insured person’s cellular wireless telephone service provider monthly bill up to the maximum number of monthly benefits and limit of liability.   
The primary insured person will also be reimbursed for damage, loss or theft of eligible cellular wireless telephones up to the maximum limit of liability shown on the Declarations Page of their policy.  Eligible cellular wireless telephones are limited to the primary line and such additional, or supplemental] lines as listed on insured person’s cellular provider's monthly billing. 
Marketing Incentives International     http://www.mktgincentiveintl.com/

A large choice of high-perceived value products and services with the ability to motivate huge numbers of people including Home, Recreation, Auto, Travel, Shopping, & Special Incentives.